A private commission in Hawaii: 2’x10’ Kitchen Backsplash. Wow! Where’s Nemo?


These three golden 2’ x 4’ panels are on display at the Maui Ocean Center.

Above Counter Basins:

17” custom sinks are available such as this one starting at $900.00. Call or Email for custom orders.

Above is an example of two beautiful Pizzo above counter sink /basins. These sinks are adorned with Green Sea Turtles. There are many, many designs available.  Perhaps you want us to customize your sink with a favorite sea creature, flower, or contemporary design.  Great, give Pizzo Glass Art a call.

Below is the floor of a Jacuzzi we custom created and shipped to Virginia. If you are looking for those perfect tiles in either square or irregular shapes give us a call.

Front Door Inserts: inside and outside views


Yes, Pizzo Glass Art will create that magical, beautiful, one of a kind glass addition for doorways, windows, swimming pools and Jacuzzi bottom decorations. Would you like a new above counter basin/bathroom sink with corresponding countertop?. Since each design is usually custom made just for you, we can only give you some examples of what we have done. For a price quote please call or email with your specifications, Mahalo.

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Above Counter Basin: